St. Hedwig Church Chicago

this picture shows the saint hedwig chuch girl praying

St. Hedwig Church is located in Buck town; it is a beautiful historical church in Chicago. It has a stunning exterior and interior architecture. St. Hedwig church was founded by the Resurrections Father’s. This is a very spiritual and historical church. If you are planning to visit the Chicago must plan your visit to St. Hedwig church Chicago.

Why You Should Visit St. Hedwig Church

Below are some important points why you should visit St. Hedwig Church when you visit Chicago.

Reduce Stress

If you are going on a trip to Chicago and want to reduce your stress, take a visit to St. Hedwig Church it’s a peaceful place to release your stress. What can be good for a trip to reduce your stress during your trip? Must visit this spiritual church and release your stress so you can enjoy a happy Chicago trip. After spending quality time in worship place. You feel confident, lighter and free from worries of life.

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St. Alphonsus Church

this image shows the st. alphonsus church

Interior of St. Alphonsus Church is probably very stunning as compared to any other church in the city. There are some Italian splendors up there. This church is built by Irish in 1855, they denied worshiping with Germans at St. Mary’s. The columns, gallery, and sharply curved stairs lead you to spooky, balconies and the plaster and paint are peeling off.

The St. Alphonso’s Church does not hold mass anymore. Ironically, back in 2006, a Chicago popcorn ceiling removal removed the ceiling when the St. Mary’s restored, this church closed, later on, congregations move there. Katrina cause 0.5 million USD in damage, also the downriver belt was blown very dramatically. Meanwhile, this is used for events. You can still visit the beautiful looking museum interior, and free tours are accompanied on a formal schedule. Below are some important reasons why you must St. Alphonsus Church.

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Everything You Need to Know About Saint Helen’s Church

Are you planning to visit Saint Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate, London anytime soon? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this article to get to know the place a little bit. We will try to give you some details regarding the church itself and a bit of history as well.

this image shows the saint helen church

Saint Helen’s Church is a predominantly Anglican parish. It is also known to be conservative and evangelical. It is one of the largest surviving parish churches in London and is known to house gigantic edifices and statues of the religious kind from all over the world, second only to Westminster Abbey.

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A Visit to St. Hyacinth Church

this picture shows st. hyacinth church

Saint Hyacinth Basilica is one of the most well-known churches in Chicago Illinois. It was formally known as the Basilica of Saint Hyacinth and he is the perfect example of the Polish cathedral design style. This particular design is known for its decadence and grandeur in scale.

This is but one of many well-known Polish churches that is visible from the vantage point of the Kennedy Expressway. It is also known to be as popular as many religious buildings in the U.S. and beyond.

Would you like to learn more about this particular church? You came to the right place. We will try to give you some more pertinent details about this particular place of worship and give you an idea as to what you can expect once you go inside the building itself.

History and Architecture

The Saint Hyacinth Basilica was founded in 1894 by Resurrectionists whose roots hail from Chicago. This has become the seat of the city’s first Polish parish, Saint Stanislaus Kostka. It has also served as a refuge for Polish immigrants in Chicago especially during the polish migration that happened during Solidarity and afterward in the 1980s.

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Visiting the Monastery of the Holy Cross Church

this image shows the monastery of the holy cross

The Monastery of the Holy Cross Church can be found in Pindos – central eastern part to be exact. The Holy Cross’ Catholicon was built specifically on the slope of the mountain as well as the dirt hill’s top. Not too far from this place, you can find the Saint Zone’s ruins, Holy Cross church, and Saint Nicholas church – in which, these all 3 churches are now part of the new Saint Stephen’s monastery as glebes.

Day Visit at the Monastery of the Holy Cross Church

Monastery of the Holy Cross Church is open for day visits. They are open to everyone from Tuesdays up to Sundays. They provide worship at 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening. With their sacred setting, you can relax and rest yourself as you join them for dinner. Regardless of what you want – silence or socializing with monks and other guests, it is up to you.

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